We have a wealth of experience in the legal and strategic management of real estate projects and acquisitions, both in Switzerland and other countries. Our services include negotiations and the drafting of agreements for real estate development, construction and land transfer, negotiations for loans and mortgages, supervising bidding procedures, and litigation management.


Slide BESSELEGAL has worked on a large number of cases, for example: • Acquisition and development of land, including construction and sale of buildings in the Lake Geneva region • Real estate deal worth several tens of millions of Swiss francs in Geneva old town • Dispute between a contractor and a property developer involving a major real estate project in the Lake Geneva region • Setting up a worldwide cosmetics franchise, including negotiations and contracts • Founding a non-governmental organization • Structuring the capital and funding for a medical start-up Slide BESSELEGAL has worked on a large number of cases, for example: • Transferring a foreign IT company's headquarters to Switzerland • Founding a holding company in Switzerland on behalf of a worldwide IT group • Multi-jurisdictional dispute about the terms and conditions for buying shares in a listed company by a competitor • Establishing the legal structure needed to hold the intellectual property of a multinational owner of many trademarks and patents in the luxury goods sector • Dispute about counterfeit plant varieties in the agricultural sector • Dispute about the validity of a three-dimensional trademark Slide BESSELEGAL has worked on a large number of cases, for example: • Legal proceedings against a counterfeit brand on behalf of a luxury goods multinational • Legal proceedings for patent infringement on behalf of a watch company • Dispute about the infringements of designs belonging to a luxury goods company by a competitor • Negotiations and contracts for patent licences and know-how on behalf of a medical company • Proceedings in several countries in Europe and the USA for patents in the coffee sector