BESSELEGAL is a law firm based in Nyon, Switzerland, specializing in business law and most especially:

  • intellectual property law
  • real estate law
  • estate management and planning

With more than 25 years experience serving a range of clients, both in terms of the diversity of law and type of assignment, working both in Switzerland and internationally, Dr Fran├žois Besse has the broad range of skills and expertise to guarantee his clients receive first-rate professional service.

BESSELEGAL provides expert advice on the strategic handling of your legal affairs.

BESSELEGAL focuses on the success and satisfaction of its clients, working in close constant cooperation with you to ensure you receive the best service and lead your projects to a favourable outcome. Our firm applies a tailor-made approach to ensure the greatest efficiency in the handling of your cases. BESSELEGAL is able to provide you with the expertise and specialization you require, with the degree of flexibility essential to meet your requirements and priorities.

Inspired by the motivation to always find the solutions best suited to your business interests, BESSELEGAL undertakes to lead your projects to a successful conclusion, with skill, flexibility and due diligence.

Our priorities and values

  • Our topmost priority: our customers’ best interests
  • A good ear: we provide solutions that perfectly meet our clients’ needs.
  • Integrity, loyalty and professionalism are values that we take honour in maintaining, in all the cases we handle.

As a client of BESSELEGAL, you are sure to work with competent, talented specialists in their field that undertake to remain efficient, dedicated and accessible to all their clients.